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​​​Summer Camp


Plant a seed


Want to give a gift to our beautiful planet? How about planting seeds? So our planet will be green and happy.
Learn with us the secrets of the craft of agriculture in our beloved country and the most famous plants in it, as you will also learn how to grow and take care of your plant.
 You can explore the method of planting via the following link:


Summer Camp


Food and Heritage

Want your cooking skills to be as good as your mom's?Let's learn some popular foods and how to cook!Perhaps you will surpass your mother later with your skills!

Join us in this activity to learn with us about the most popular dishes of the UAE and enjoy cooking with us and with the family members

You can know the secrets of Cooking via the following link:

Summer Camp


Choose and Draw

Not only an artist can draw!So are you!

Just grab your tools and start drawing!Choose from several pictures of our antiquities displayed in the Ras Al Khaimah National Museum and start drawing and coloring them and then share your work with us, who knows you might be the winner with us for the best drawing

You can enter the following link, and start creativity:​


Summer Camp


Challenged Kahoot Game

How about a competitive game experience but with some knowledge and fun, open a kahoot and compete with your friends ..

You can learn and increase your knowledge through the following link:

Now, challenge Kahoot via this link: 

Summer Camp


Make a Traditional Dollhouse


Are you bored of the dolls in the market?How about making one of your own?And your doll will be unique!

Learn with us in this program about popular games in the UAE and how to make popular dolls ... Share with us pictures of your doll through our Instagram account

Learn how to make your own doll using the following links: