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The Unified Suggestions System project (Musharaka) was implemented within the square of projects and initiatives. The suggestions system is an integrated electronic platform for the effective and efficient management of outstanding suggestions and ideas from dealers, employees and community members, and to enable them to participate effectively in the improvement the government's work.

The system aims to:

  1. Establish the principle of community participation in the continuous improvement and development.
  2. Strengthen government relations with the employees, customers and the community.
  3. Development of business systems and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of government performance.
  4. Achieve excellence in government services and programs.
  5. Encourage competition in development and innovation

The advantages of the Unified Suggestions System include:

  1. Easily submitting suggestions electronically at any time and from anywhere via the Unified Ras Al Khaimah Portal.
  2. Evaluation of suggestions in accordance with the approved standards and calculating the points electronically accordingly.
  3. Classification of suggestions based on the results of implementing the suggestion to a golden, silver or bronze suggestion.
  4. Getting financial rewards based on the cumulative points and classification of the suggestion.
  5. Providing an opportunity to vote on electronic suggestions to all segments of society.
  6. Circulating the implemented suggestion among partners to provide an opportunity to take advantage of it.

To submit your suggestions electronically, follow these steps:

  1. Register in the E-Government of Ras Al Khaimah online portal 
  2. Submit your suggestion by clicking on (Submit a suggestion) link on the Home Page.
  3. Fill in the (Submit a Suggestion) form and send it by clicking the (Submit) button.
  4. Keep the reference number of the suggestion to track it.
  5. Track your suggestion by clicking the (Track the suggestion and apply for an award) link.
  6. After completing the suggestion submitting procedures, kindly answer the assessment question.

Click here to submit a Sugg​estion