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Ras Al Khaimah Antiquities and Museums Departmen organizes Alnadba Art event

Sunday 7 November 2021

​The Department of Antiquities and Museums in Ras Al Khaimah organized Alnadba Art event at the Ras Al Khaimah National Museum. The event was attended by a number of interested people, intellectuals and practitioners of this art. It also included a dialogue session with the participation of Mr. Abdullah Al-Hediya Al-Shehhi, former Vice President of the Department of Shehhi Association for Culture and Heritage. A number of themes were discussed, such as the concept of Alnadba Art and its nature and the role of cultural institutions in preserving, documenting and passing it on to future generations. The event also included A number of folkloric arts and practices of the tribes of Ras al-Jibal, such as the art of al-Nada and al-Rawah.

 Ahmed Obaid Al Tunaiji, General Manager of the Department of Antiquities and Museums in Ras Al Khaimah said that the art of the Alnadba is one of the traditional arts that is unique to the region, especially the tribes of Ras Al Jabal. A number of heritage public benefit associations in the emirate to document and preserve this practice in preparation for the registration of this art as an element of the intangible cultural heritage in the list of the Organization of Education, Culture and Science (UNESCO).
For her part, Amal Ibrahim Al Nuaimi, Director of the Institutional Communications Office in the department, said that this event is only part of a number of events, programs and activities that have been planned to document, preserve and transfer this practice to the community through various methods and channels that suit all groups, which ensures access to the largest possible segment.