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Hosting a book

​Will be hosting Mr. Hamad bin Saray, who will talk about his book (Old Passports of Ras Al Khaimah). He will tell us about the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in the past in terms of its passports and how it developed to th...

Monday 2 , March 2020

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Emirati Children's Day

​On the fifteenth of March of each year, the United Arab Emirates celebrates this National Day, “Emirati Child Day” with all its ministries, institutions, sectors and all children in the country, with the aim of raisin...

Sunday 15 , March 2020

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Reading Month

Wednesday 25 , March 2020

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Dallah Decorations Initiative

Al-Dallah gained its position in the Emirates for a long time, as it is a major tool for ​achieve​ing generosity. From it, coffee flows to water the thirst, and welcome them. Her position continued ...

Sunday 29 , March 2020

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World Heritage Day: Peoples Heritage Festival

​The Department of Antiquities and Museums in Ras Al Khaimah celebrates the Peoples Heritage Festival​, coinciding with the World Heritage Day, which it's on the 18th of Apr...

Saturday 18 , April 2020

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